URY Customer Testimonials:

1/  Ray Joyce - Australia :BTW had the best results recently with my Vapour, it is still competitive against Pikanto's and Mad Max's - thanks to a Tony O fin (Byerley bulb) & rudder

2/ Richard USA214 :
I used the rudder for the first time at the US Nationals in Texas last weekend and noticed an improvement in control and  performance.  I recall thinking that I'd left the tack for too long and remember being impressed that I got her turned in time and at that moment thinking pleasant thoughts about your rudder. 
3/ Phillip Levi -Australia : 
I have the mast and fin all finished, just have top attach the sail Steve Arthur made to the mast.  The mast is a fabulous section as is the fin, congratulations on such good products.
4/ Thierry Laurat - France :
It look so great that I showed it to my Friends

 Congratulations for the quality of your work! 


5/ Zvonko Jelacic- Croatia :


Fin and rudder came and they are looking good :).

 For now I have test fin strenght and yours is bending 40% more then Grahams. Yours is closest to Grahams from all that I have compare others where bending more then 100%.  Weight of fin or rudder is similar to Grahams.


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